• Software Used:
    Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe InDesign
  • Knowledge/Skills Required:
    Storyboarding, Video Editing, Animation
  • Client/Organization:
    Canadian Points University (CPU), Pointshogger
  • Project URL:
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As a speaker of the 1st Canadian Points University Conference, Pointshogger prepared a presentation on “Top Credit Cards to Get & Maximizing Your Points on Everyday Spend” and presented to miles and points lovers from across North America.

Canadian Points University (CPU) was founded by two friends who wanted to build a community loyalty miles and points lovers. In January 2016 the first annual CPU conference was hosted in Vancouver, a successful event that attracted attendees across Canada and the US due to the opportunity to meet like-minded point fanatics and frugal travelers.

Pointshogger was invited to present at the conference, an opportunity we took advantage of due to the potential to reach out to this very niche audience to promote and spark word-of-mouth around the blog, as well as to grow the community in Canada. My partner prepared the content presentation and I designed the presentation slides in PowerPoint.

After the event my partner interviewed Boris Remes and Jason Binstock, co-founders of CPU, while I filmed and created a YouTube video to summarize the conference. These digital marketing materials are below.

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